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Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 30 december 2010 00:18

Just end a 4 hours session on ftp poker, multitable 25 tables 0,10-0,25$ + on 289$ pretty good i think! Have one awsome hand, i got QQ raise it to 1,25$ 2 people call, flop QQ2, one guy puch the other call and i call, and they shows KK and AA.... bad bad for them...

Played some SnG to, but not so mutch, 18, won their to up 66€ so one good poker day for me!

Hope you have a nice day too!

Slutade precis en  4 timmars session ftp poker, Körde 25 bord 0,10-0,25 $ plussade 289$ ganska bra tycker jag! Hade en sjuk hand jag  fick jag QQ höjde upp till 1,25 $ 2 personer synar floppen kommer QQ2, en kille går all-in det andra synar och jag synar, och de visar KK och AA .... trist för de som slowa pre flopp..not!

Spelade några SnG med, men inte många idag, blev 18 stycken, vann    66 en ganska bra poker dag!

Hoppas ni hade en bra spel dag med!

Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 25 december 2010 23:24

A bad day .... This has been a really bad day to play poker for me ... Has gone on the bad beat after bad beat, really sick! Luckily, it was a very good Bruce Springsteen documentaries on television. So I was happy again;)

Here are some fun taste of today's badbeats ...

I'm played 5-mana tables 0.25 to 0.50 $

I had 99 on the button, raise to $2 BB calls, flop 923

He raise $5 in a great call, turn 6, he push $28 to call snap river 6 ha Have 66th

3 hands after I get AA and raise to $2, 2 callers, flop A67, check, the one guy goes all-in with $39, one-fold and in call Turn 2 River 8, he shows 910 ....

Then I went on some more sick pots but not as dangerous on the type for three hours ... I was almost on tilt for the first time:) haha And i dont play and SnG today, dont have any strench left to that...

One hopes for some more fun game tomorrow! :)

Good night

Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 23 december 2010 13:23

Hello all readers!

I have now decided to make some changes in my game.
I said before that I was going to build a bankroll on SVS poker.
But now I have cash out there up 3k  so pretty good on that low level. 

Why you may be wondering?

Will run more on the pages I get sponsored and grind lot of more SnG there instead. Has set a requirement for myself to play at least 65 SnG / day. And believe me it is not easy on the sides very bad traffic there. But we'll see if it goes:)

Now for something completely different ..

What do you think of isildurs1 games so far on PokerStars?
You've read a bit about it not gone well for him, but you can not believe everything you read either ...

What I do not understand is why he still plays the PLO, he lost of course mega big at the PLO on full tilt, that he does not play HU NL as he is cruel on instead!

Well it's his choice;)

I have also sent in my new film series to A series of three parts when I play SnG at poker panthers, PokerStars and SVS poker.


Good luck at the table / / Freddan

Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 19 december 2010 22:37

Sunday .... By far the most boring day of the week except Monday type;) Yesterday I was out at a party so have been a bit slow in the poker skull today.

But there have been some games anyway both SnG and cash game! Cash gameet began badly, were all in pretty quick with 86 flop 366 turn 8 river 2 he had 88 very slow extraction, not long after this hand I'm also a big pot with AA there were four clubs on the table and he pushed, so I had to fold.

A little later I doubled up on a table with the A4 in clubs flopped a flush, think he flopped set, they were what I put him in anyway Ended - 33 dollar type but is quite happy low back about $ 200 at most.

There was very little SnG today only 8 of them but they went a little better with a + EUR 35 Now it will be bed and up early tomorrow:)

Good luck at the table, dear readers! ;)

Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 18 december 2010 11:11

Hello all!

Have not written in a few days so thought of writing a longer post about my three-day game

I have played both cash games and SnG, cash game on SVS and PokerStars SnG at poker panthers!

As I wrote before I thought about building a cash game bankroll on SVS and I put in 1k last Saturday. And I've played pretty much there now, around 15k hands five mana tables.

When I have played I have played around 5-6 tables at all times the level is pretty low because I will build a roll playing .10 / $ 0.25 with a maximum buy-in every time, now after a week is the roll of 4k which I the view is pretty good at the low level, a lot of bad players there, I have noticed. as easy money;)

SnG play then!

I have played 49 SnG since last update (but quite a bit) where I play Atomic Bombs only 5 Euros and they have even gone pretty well located, plus about 1k ...

I have a new deal at once with a different sponsoring companies so let's hope it goes well with it too!

Now I'm off to buy Christmas presents in the snow storm, people;)

Please visit and see my new SnG with videos!

Have a great day!

/ / Freddan

Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 15 december 2010 11:48

Hello all!

Yesterday I forgot to update so do it now!
I drove just 10sng on poker panthers, with a plus of EUR 22 .... Should run a lot more there today I had thought.

Played some cash game yesterday and it went much better.
Games 4 tables for about three hours in the evening went on to build my bankroll on low tables $ 0.10 to 0.25, where the players are really worthless ...
Ended on the plus $ 180

A funny thing was that I had flopped set at 9 and another set of 8 only to push it:)

Good luck at the table / / Fredrik

Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 13 december 2010 23:43

Tjena gott folk!

Nu kommer ni bli förvånnade har börjat spela cash game idag på svs!

tänkte bygga mig en liten rulle där får se hur långt man kommer...

Satte in endast 1k och börja med 0,50-1kr.

Spelat i ca 3 timmar nu och har dubbat rullen till 2k, vilken känns bra..

Har även spelat 15 sngs med ett + på 66 euro, så har varit en skaplig dag!

Nu blir det sängen för hela slanten, ha de fint


Av Fredrik Gustavsson - 12 december 2010 11:20

Hallå !

Igår lördag blev de lite spel...

Spelade två MTT på dagen på stars ena åkte jag ut ganska omgående med KK vs 88 preflopp, flopp 228 and out!

Körde en 10-tal sng på kvällen, slutade + lite men inget speciellt.

Idag blir de mycket SnG spel, uppdaterar senare ikväll!


Har spelat 29st 5och3 euros idag, gått ganska segt upp 41 euro men känns lite som man börjar bli sjuker är riktigt seg i huvudet.... Får bli lite tv nu sen kanske lite mer lir.

glhf Freddan


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